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Applying for membership

In order to apply for membership, the following procedure will be followed:

  • Application forms, for new membership, will be issued to new applicants by the office personnel for completion. Download Application Forms.
  • Once properly completed by the applicant, including the names and signatures of the proposer and seconder, the forms will be returned to the Golf Club Office for processing.
  • Should the forms be completed satisfactorily, the Golf Club Office will set up an interview with the applicant together with the responsible general committee member or representative.
  • On successful completion of the interview, the name of the new applicant will be placed on the notice board at the Golf Club, together with the names of the proposer and seconder for a period of 21 days. During this period the applicant will have the privilege of temporary membership.
  • Should there be no objection from any member of the Club during this period of time, the applicant’s form will be presented to the general committee at their next meeting for final approval.
  • Should there be no objections from the general committee, the Club Office will notify the applicant that his membership has been successfully completed and that once his membership fees have been received and his membership card issued, that he is then a member of The Wanderers Golf Club.
  • Should there be an objection, by a member or by the general committee, the objection will be investigated by the responsible general committee member or representative, and a report will be issued to the general committee for further consideration.
  • Should the general committee not be satisfied with the final report presented to them, the applicant will be informed that his application for membership has been unsuccessful.

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